Friday, May 27, 2016

It's coming! I promise!

Time flies when we are having fun doesn't it? It seems like just yesterday I was starting this blog to help me show some of my work and to showcase my newest work: The Hotel Essex.

Now a month has gone by and I have yet to post anything! Well this just won't do. Here I post just a small excerpt from the book, soon to be available for pre-order. I hope you enjoy it.

Excerpt from The Hotel Essex

“Do you see something you like?” a young female voice whispered in her ear. Adele tried to turn, but the woman had already placed her hands on her sides and slid her face beside hers. She brought her body in to cradle hers, making turning around without causing a scene impossible. 

“Shhh,” the pretty woman’s voice urged, “Is this your first time here?” Her words silky and smooth, yet firm. “Be truthful.”

Adele’s voice trembled as she replied. “Y—Yes.”

The woman gasped and continued, “Wonderful! Before we begin, please look at the table in front of you.”

Adele looked down at a small table below the painting. On top of it were a set of handcuffs, a cat-of-nine-tails, a ball gag, a feather, and a scarf.

“Normally, you could choose any two of the items for your session,” the woman purred as she breathed the words into Adele’s ear. “However, since this is your first time you may only choose one. The scarf has already been chosen for you as . . . a virgin.”

Adele’s pulse started to race as the reality of her circumstance sunk in.

What am I doing here? I— I should just leave. I’m a married woman. If anyone found out. . .

“Please,” the woman pressed. “Choose. You can’t keep them waiting.”

Friday, May 6, 2016

New Horizons

Hello my beautiful readers.

After a long time away, I am back doing what I love doing: Writing things that tantalize and surprise.

For those long-time fans, you may wonder where I have been or what I have been up to. I have been hard at work on a new story, titled: The Hotel Essex.

 I post excerpts soon here. You will love them.

Until then, I will be writing. :)